the WALE CLUB.  

Fancy being a part of our corduroy loving crew, sharing great wine with great people? Join our auspicious Wale Club and enjoy drinking Corduroy year round. Members receive two six packs per annum, 15% discount per case, a funky Corduroy Threads cap and personalised wine selection delivered to your door in June and September.

Winemaker Select

Wines selected by the maker himself every 6 months.

Taster Select

Wines selected by you at your door every 3 months.

Why 'wale' (not whale) you ask? The term 'Wale' is used to describe the raised parallel lines that give the much loved corduroy fabric its structure and texture. The term was also used back in the day to describe the raised ridges of a ploughed field. This is without a doubt symbolic of the rustic agricultural origins of Corduroy Wines today. 

Wale inspires us, it is the true essence of Corduroy, structure, purity and damn it looks good.